The Pyrenean Mountain Dog (The Great Pyrenees)

Main pathologies


The pathologies listed above are the same that all large dogs are likely to encounter.

With regard to hip dysplasia in particular, it should be noted that it is a congenital malformation that gradually leads the femoral head to dislocate from the acetabular cavity, intended to contain it, and to make it rotate internally. This defect is due to an abnormal development of the coxo-femoral joint in the intrauterine period. Hip instability, unilateral or bilateral, can prevent your dog from walking properly and, if left untreated, can lead to dislocation. However, it is advisable to have a veterinary/orthopaedic check before the dog is one year old, trying to accompany it in its growth with daily but never forcing walks, avoiding sudden movements and jumps.

Osteonchondrosis is a degenerative bone syndrome, which fragments the extremities. Also known as osteochondritis, it occurs mainly in the joints.

Degenerative myelopathy is a serious pathology that affects the spinal cord, causing its degeneration and possible paralysis of the hind limbs. This neurological condition is hereditary and has been found to occur when the dog inherits two copies of the mutated gene, SOD-1. Through specific tests it is possible to know if the subject is healthy, sick or healthy carrier; important aspect, above all for the breeders, in order to avoid the mating of subjects healthy carriers of the disease.

For stomach torsion, it should be remembered that it can occur at any stage of the dog’s growth, and that this is favored by physical activity involving rolling on the ground and abrupt jerks around the dog’s longitudinal axis, especially if these take place on a full stomach.

The state of health of the heart must be monitored constantly, especially when the dog is an adult and in the hottest periods. During the summer, refreshing baths are advisable to keep body temperature under control.

Specialmente per i cani da lavoro, a contatto con armenti e altri cani, è bene seguire una profilassi antiparassitaria puntuale e specifica per le zone in cui si vive.

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